Protest Art

So far all of the artwork I have been producing for my island has been very positive, so in this task I had to explore a different point of view, focusing on the negative parts of my island. My island is portrayed as a utopian place, however, the whole concept of my island is more dystopian as humans are forced to fall in love or turned into robots if they fail at this task. I really wanted to focus on people’s rights: showing that Robotopia is turning humans into robots whether they like it or not which is illegal and morally wrong. I also wanted to show how robots are seen as more important than humans’ lives, and how the public aren’t happy with this. As part of this task we were required to screen print our posters. img_4519I started doodling in my sketchbook, trying to come up with some cool ideas for things to screen print. In one of my lectures, I was given really good feedback about my protest art which was to use a messier style for this particular task in order to show a more aggressive aesthetic. I completely agree with this because my style is usually neat and sweet, but my protest art should be more expressive and darker, showing a complete contradiction to my utopian art. So having this idea in mind, I used a biro pen to scribble down some initial ideas. One of my doodles that I instantly loved and jumped out of the page was the one of the robot holding a knife with the words “ONE DAY THEY WILL GO CRAZY” scribbled to the side of it. I think the scribbled letters and the scribbled shading on the robot look perfect for the style I’m trying to go for, something about a dark scribble screams anger and aggressiveness to me. This is the complete opposite style to what I usually go for and so I think it’s a great way to show the divide in opinions. The robot holding the knife is also simple but symbolic as it implies that the robots are dangerous and scary, and I think the harsh black lines imply this too. The eyes of the robot look so dull and lifeless which makes the robot look really eery and emotionless, showing that they are really machines and have no moral conscience. The words to the right show how humans can’t trust these robots and that if they are allowed to become powerful they could turn on humans and cause chaos! By saying “one day” it implies that robots going crazy is inevitable which creates a sense of unease and fear to anybody that sees this and so I think this would be a perfect image to use for my protest art. Simple, effective and relatable. screenprinting-robotThis is my photoshopped version of my screen print. I scanned my original biro drawing and then opened it up in Photoshop, selected all the lines and then deleted the paper background. Once I was left with just the lines, I coloured them in white and put them onto a black background. I then used the shape tool and created some blood splatters, coloured them in red and used them to frame the drawing. I think having a black background makes this image look quite severe and dangerous. img_4921Screen printing is a very “flat” medium, so images that are starkly contrasted work best. When preparing my artwork to be burned onto the screen I had to work in black and white only. I then printed my design onto transparent paper so that the UV light could shine through it and onto the screen.  After creating my stencil I then popped it into a UV light vacuum machine and placed my screen above it. This machine shined a strong light through the screen and transfered only the black lines onto my screen. Once this was done I took my screen to the sink and sprayed water on it which left me with only my drawing on my screen, all ready to be printed!
img_4924img_4926Once my screen dried, I was then able to print my poster. I wanted to use two different colours so I had to print my designs twice. The first time I printed I used white ink and printed my robot and typography onto black paper. Then once I cleaned my screen and it dried, I then printed the blood splatters over the top of the first print using red ink. I created lots of prints, I did seven in total. img_4934I also did another type of screen print that involved cutting up paper to create my own stencil. I did this screen print on white paper and used red ink. I worked free hand on this design and drew out my artwork with biro pen on cartridge paper. Once I finalised my design I then used a scalpel and cut out my stencil, which took quite a long time as it’s very intricate work. Once this was done I then arranged my stencil underneath my screen and then printed my work onto the white paper. img_4916After creating my stencils, I wanted to do something creative with them because I was so proud of how they turned out. I thought to myself, what is the point of protest art? It needs to be seen, it needs to have an impact so why not put it up on a massive wall and make them into an art installation for people to see?! So I gathered up my art work and then plastered them all over a massive wall near my house. thumb_dsc_0003_1024
thumb_dsc_0005_1024 thumb_dsc_0010_1024 thumb_dsc_0012_1024 thumb_dsc_0014_1024 thumb_dsc_0015_1024 thumb_dsc_0018_1024 thumb_dsc_0020_1024 thumb_dsc_0022_1024 thumb_dsc_0032_1024 thumb_dsc_0052_1024 thumb_dsc_0054_1024 thumb_dsc_0055_1024This was so much fun! I felt so rebellious putting my art up on a public wall and when people started to stop and look at them I felt really proud, it was a really good way of getting my art out there! I feel like I really got into the spirit of protesting and breaking rules. It was such good lighting as well, the wall was covered in a sort of spotlight of sunlight which made the posters really pop, all the colours were gleaming and it made them look really effective. I am so happy with how the photographs turned out, the art looked so cool and impressive on that wall. I also decided to photoshop the stencil onto the building to make it look like street graffiti, which I think looks really effective as well!robot-graffiti



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