Okay, this was a first attempt okay please don’t judge me too hard. Let me try and explain what I was thinking when I made this design… After looking at countless food apps, I noticed that a lot of them focused on food photography pretty heavily. They also used serif type, I guess it makes the app look more ‘sophisticated’ so I decided to do this too. I made a home screen that used a bright yellow colour scheme to attract young audiences and used cute little icons for the scanner…I thought this was the look that would look awesome, but in hind sight it looks bloody awful, and this is a prime example of why you shouldn’t follow the crowd because you will create something as terrifying as this. When Ben first looked at this design he said absolutely nothing nice about it haha so this really knocked some sense into me, I had to think like a designer and not some normal person with no taste whatsoever. So back to the drawing board I went, racking my brain for a new creative direction. After what seemed like years of scrolling through Pinterest, feeling sorry for myself, something clicked in my head. MINIMALISM. SOMETHING FUN AND INTERACTIVE. SOMETHING THAT WASN’T BORING AND FULL OF TEXT. This was my eureka moment. This was when Look Cook really was born.



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