Laser Cut Shapes

Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Product Designer: what do they mean? Nowadays, the line between creative fields really is a blur. There isn’t a set path each creative needs to take, instead they are skilled in all areas. An illustrator might like to code their own website, a product designer might be extremely good at animation, so as a designer, it’s crucial to have a broad range of skills.

This task is all about learning a new craft. I have been challenged to create my own lampshade using a laser cutter. I have been asked to experiment with different designs on Illustrator from simple templates to extremely intricate templates. My first idea was to make a lampshade that showed the constellations of stars. I thought of this idea after watching the John Lewis christmas advert. In the advert, a loveable monster gives a child a star night lamp for Christmas, to keep the monsters away (aw). Stars are a lovely idea for a child’s lamp because they light up the walls and ceiling just like the night sky.  I really enjoyed using the laser cutter, it’s so theraputic watching the machine cut out your designs. I was pleasantly suprised by how it managed to handle such little designs, so I decided to push my designs even further. I picked an illustration of waves that I previously drew, which is extremly intricate, and tried this out on the laser cutter.  When this design was laser cut, it came out almost like lace because it was so delicate. The tine pieces of cut paper were extremely fragile, so I stuck the final design onto tracing paper to give it some more stability. The tracing paper gave the light a blurry quality which smoothed down the glare of the exposed light bulb (two birds with one stone!) I really loved the look of this lampshade as it was just so beautiful to look at. The curls and waves make this lampshade looks rather bohemiam. I loved my design so much, it is now on my desk at home where I can admire it! I would definitely like to use the laser cutter again because it’s so simple to use but it can produce stencils that could bring paper to life in a brand new way.



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