As I’ve said before, I really wanted to have an animated illustration as the opening for my vlog in order to make it personal to me and to show off my artistic style. I wanted to have a simple illustration that featured a drawing of myself, in the clothes I wear in the vlog, holding a camera, surrounded by autumn leaves next to a speech bubble that says “A DAY IN MY LIFE”. Below is the drawing I did, after I digitally coloured it. How cute! I absolutely loooooooove it, so sweet and definitely the look I was going for.After having a one to one tutorial with Mark, I felt confident and was ready to start animating this illustration in After Effects. I didn’t want to do a drastic animation, I just wanted my eyes to blink, the little hearts and flowers to wobble and for the typography to jiggle too. As this is only for the opening seconds of my vlog, I just wanted it to be short and sweet, turning a still illustration into a character with motion! Step by step: Separate individual parts of my drawing that I want to animate onto separate layers Draw eyes closed so that… View Post

In this module, I have been looking at narratives and analysing them, all in an attempt to use this knowledge in my own work. The point of this module is to create a unique narrative using a variety of different media, in order to tell a story that is personal to me and showcases my artistic style. As somebody who loves watching Youtubers like Zoella and other lifestyle vloggers in my pjs with a cup of tea, I am really interested in the way they film their days and how they edit their videos to create a final product that is exciting and fun to watch. To me, I think filming your life, telling your unique story and giving people a personal insight into your daily routines is a perfect narrative for me to explore. Zoe Elizabeth Sugg (born 28 March 1990) is an English fashion and beauty vlogger, YouTuber, and author. She is best known by her YouTube username Zoella. Her debut novel, Girl Online, was released in November 2014 and broke the record for highest first-week sales of a first-time novelist since Nielsen Bookscan began compiling such records in 1998. Sugg was working as an apprentice at an interior design company when she created… View Post

My proposal is to create a vlog, showing a day in my life as a university student living in London. I want to show my simple life, hanging around with my friends, having a laugh, making shitty meals that students do on a budget and just generally showing my viewers how happy I am living alone with my best friends. I want this video to be really sweet and cute, filming the beautiful scenery of Ealing where I live and showing the simple thrills in life. Like Zoella, this vlog with be uploaded onto YouTube for all of my friends and family to see, so I will post the link on to my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This video is aimed at people my age, young adults maybe also at university, so I’m going to make it funny and focus heavily on my friends because they are the people that help you get through this stage of your life, friends become your university family. As I know absolutely nothing about cameras, I need to research and watch tutorials on the Panasonic GH4 and camera operation in general so that I can get the best footage that I can! This will be the fun… View Post