As a part of this module I had to create a typeface that represented the personality and theme of my island. I wanted my type to come to life and so I tried to turn the letters into people, a bit like the concept of my island which turns people into robots. I started off by drawings out the letters of the alphabet in bubble writing and then turned them into 3D objects by adding in shading and perspective to the letters. I then added legs to some letters and then added arms to other letters. The letters with arms are all holding flowers as a romantic gesture which shows the utopian side of my island, which is all about the humans finding a soul mate and falling in love. I love this type, I think it’s fun, cute, playful and adds a sense of happiness to my island’s identity! I also created a font just for the word Robotopia, I wanted to create this for the front cover of my magazine as I wanted a font that¬†incorporated word and image as one. I took each letter of the title and turned it into a robot! How cute do these… View Post