This was super exciting for me as I couldn’t wait to get my crazy ideas onto paper! I started off by doing a very rough first draft of my island using a pink sharpie. I drew out the shape of Ireland and then began to add in little details, not worrying too much about the design, this was purely me documenting my initial thoughts. So this island is a fun island, full of activities and places of leisure for the residents to relax and find love in. There’s a beach, places to go on dates and there is also a scary lab for the scientists to work in. This was a quick sketch to see how much I could fit into the island, it was also good to decide where I would position everything. I then did a mind map of things that I wanted to have on the island so that I would have a better idea of how to start. I wanted to put a lot of cool things onto my map for the residents to enjoy so there’s a bar street full of pubs and clubs, an area packed with funky restaurants and even little hiking trails and footpaths… View Post