So far all of the artwork I have been producing for my island has been very positive, so in this task I had to explore a different point of view, focusing on the negative parts of my island. My island is portrayed as a utopian place, however, the whole concept of my island is more dystopian as humans are forced to fall in love or turned into robots if they fail at this task. I really wanted to focus on people’s rights: showing that Robotopia is turning humans into robots whether they like it or not which is illegal and morally wrong. I also wanted to show how robots are seen as more important than humans’ lives, and how the public aren’t happy with this. As part of this task we were required to screen print our posters. I started doodling in my sketchbook, trying to come up with some cool ideas for things to screen print. In one of my lectures, I was given really good feedback about my protest art which was to use a messier style for this particular task in order to show a more aggressive aesthetic. I completely agree with this because my style is usually… View Post