I am super happy and proud of my finished map and so I can’t wait to tell you all how I actually created my lovely little world Robotopia! I started off with a pencil sketch outline of Ireland on an A3 sketchbook, which was easy enough to do. I had Ireland up on my laptop screen and just sketched it freehand straight onto the paper, next I took a 0.1 black fine liner and went over the outline to make it clean and bold. Then I drew a lovely big banner in the centre of my island for the title. I drew the font with a black fine liner, I tried to make it look like calligraphy so I joined up the letters and made different parts of the letters thicker and thinner.  Slowly I started to add in every little detail in pencil, trying to use the space up as best as I could. I wanted to have illustrations all over the map with cute snippets of text next to them, telling the story of what each illustration stood for. I draw illustrations in a cartoony way, a bit like my favourite artist Nick Sharrat, and they always have… View Post