In small groups we had to discuss Utopia and Dystopia, thinking about all the things we could relate to these themes. At the moment there’s lots of new movies, books and tv series that link perfectly to these! Some of my favourites being The Hunger Games books, the movie Lobster and Charlie Brooker’s TV series called Black Mirror. Lobster is a film that I watched recently and as soon as I heard the themes I knew to include this one. I absolutely loved its unusual, weird storyline and this has inspired me to think outside the box for my island idea. In the film, people go to this odd hotel to find love and, after 30 days, if they haven’t found their perfect match they get turned into an animal of their choice, odd I know! The main character chooses to be a lobster – I won’t give anything away but this film really got the cogs in my head spinning… I had lots of potential ideas, taking little bits of inspiration from things on the mind map, and so I decided to do another mind map based only on my island. My goal for the lecture was to come… View Post