Our client is the BBC, and they want my team and I, to boost monthly subscriptions for their Good Food magazine by incorporating digital interaction into their product, in order to enhance, and expand upon, their consumer’s experiences. So what exactly is BBC Good Food? Well, it is a magazine that is packed full of recipes, cooking tips, and articles that any foodie would love. The magazine comes out every month and has fresh new content and holiday specials. That’s not all though, BBC Good Food has an impressive website that provides practically the same content as their magazine, completely free of charge. So why would you need to subscribe? Basically, the magazine provides you with 70 brand new recipes, each month, that aren’t available online and you also get to read some pretty cool articles. Yes, that sounds good but there still isn’t much of a selling point here. I mean, there needs to be something more exciting and unique to draw you in, something so exclusive and special that you feel you need it immediately. Wouldn’t it be nice if you got a ground-breaking handy little app if you subscribed? Drumroll please…LOOK COOK is here to save the… View Post

There are so many cool and beautifully designed apps out there that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you start looking for inspiration for your own. However, looking at art is really helpful – it gets your creative juices flowing and inspires you to start making things too! Pinterest is my weapon of choice when I need to find ideas, it’s so great to create your own boards and have others see them in your group too. I’ve started looking at a lot of different things: app design, colour schemes, food illustrations and more. Doing this research has made me think of my app coming to life in so many different ways. I want this app to look clean and fresh, but I also want it to look quirky and fun, it needs to have just the right balance so that people will download it – nobody wants a messy looking app. At the moment I’m really liking geometric, vector, shapes and bright colors. I feel that simple illustrations just look very professional and are perfect for use on small phone screens as the details don’t get lost. I am also really feeling bright colors – particularly yellow because of… View Post

It’s always daunting sitting down with a blank piece of paper in front of you. Sometimes the hardest part of a brief is the initial brainstorming stage because suddenly you feel very under pressure. You start thinking that you must be a shit designer if you haven’t come up with the most ground-breaking perfect idea known to mankind in the first five minutes. But, take a breath, no idea is a bad idea. This is the time for you to just be as wacky as you want – to throw the ridiculous ideas down on the table and not care because this is your starting point. It helps to gets the creative juices flowing. Working in groups also really helps in this part of the process because you feed off each other’s energy, bouncing ideas off of one another, jotting down every single weird idea that pops into your head, expanding on cool starting points and just making a massive web of potential masterpieces. Don’t be afraid to be imaginative. People that are worried to scribble on paper and to express their craziest ideas are the ones that are never going to improve. Brief: In your groups, you are required… View Post