Expanding my Crush a Story task further, I had to shorten a film of my choice into 5 seconds. Not just crop it to 5 seconds, I had to actually edit it so that the entire 2 hours were sped up, creating a super fast version of the film. The whole point of this was to see how the narrative changed when the film was faster. Obviously, shortening this film down so much means that a lot of important scenes had to be cut, so the viewer doesn’t see everything that they would have before. By doing this, only key frames are included and so the narrative has changed. I created this using After Effects, editing the time and then rendering it out. This took a long time as my laptop kept crashing but after finally completing it, I feel that it is quite effective. You catch glimpses of the important parts and if you pause it frame by frame there are some really iconic scenes in this edit. What do you think? Is 5 Seconds of Summer the better version? Hahaha, probably not but you understand the point I’m trying to make. Please feel free to comment below any… View Post