Narcos Title Sequence Analysis The title sequence for Netflix’s crime saga Narcos takes the viewer on a journey, showing them a glimpse of ‘King of Cocaine‘, Pablo Escobar’s drug empire. Showing the story of the international effort, involving the DEA, to bring down his enterprise whilst Rodrigo Amarante’s “Tuyo” plays on somberly in the background making Digital Kitchen’s introduction pretty epic. Using a perfect blend of past and present photos including archival footage from Escobar’s family photographer “El Chino” – along with sans-serif typeface, aerial shots of Bogota and a burning automobile, this title sequence is an iconic opener for such making it a hard hitting show. The first shot is a close up of an old fashioned radio, showing hands turning it on. Over the top of this shot there is a white drawing overlay of the inside of a computer, showing memory chips which blend into the blue and red filter placed over the frame, this transitions to a bird’s eye view shot of the radio cassette spinning. This is a foreshadowing shot – a radio plays a major role in the capture of Escobar and so choosing this as the very first bit of imagery in the… View Post