I tried to edit my vlog on After Effects and for some reason, this completely sent my brain into utter meltdown, so I thought why don’t I use iMovie? Surely that can’t be too difficult? OMG this programme saved my life, it was just so easy to understand, it’s video editing for dummies, anyone with brain cells can use this, believe me it’s so so so easy. Just by fiddling about and clicking a few things I was able to get a grip with the programme and immediately started creating my vlog! You just drag and drop your footage into the timeline, where you can easily crop footage, split footage, move it around, pick transitions, pick colour overlays, speed it up, slow it down, EVERYTHING. You get a really cool preview of your video above your timeline too, where you can edit your footage, and just do really cool things to it with just one click of a button, really fun and simple to use. So off I went editing my vlog, I added my footage in chronological order and picked out the best parts from each take, looking at what would be the most aesthetically pleasing shots. Then I… View Post

I am completely lost when it comes to using a big fancy camera, believe me, I film everything on my shitty iPhone camera and so knowing I had to use such an expensive fiddly bit of equipment it made me somewhat regret my entire decision. No I’m only joking, I was actually really excited to learn how to make really cool videos and so I dove straight into researching basic functions and settings! GETTING THE EXPOSURE RIGHT. What controls exposure? There are three things which control exposure: 1. The aperture 2. The shutter speed 3. The setting of the ISO 1) THE APERTURE Inside the lens, is a mechanism that opens to allow light to pass through the lens into the camera (and onto the sensor). The amount or size of the opening varies and is referred to as an ‘f’ number, for example f2, f2.8, f4 etc. The range of apertures is shown below: f1.4, f2, f2.8, f4, f5.6 f8, f11, f16, f22, f32 The other important thing to understand about f numbers is that each step in the f number scale, lets half as much light in. So for example, f2 lets in twice as much light in, as… View Post