As I’ve said before, I really wanted to have an animated illustration as the opening for my vlog in order to make it personal to me and to show off my artistic style. I wanted to have a simple illustration that featured a drawing of myself, in the clothes I wear in the vlog, holding a camera, surrounded by autumn leaves next to a speech bubble that says “A DAY IN MY LIFE”. Below is the drawing I did, after I digitally coloured it. How cute! I absolutely loooooooove it, so sweet and definitely the look I was going for.After having a one to one tutorial with Mark, I felt confident and was ready to start animating this illustration in After Effects. I didn’t want to do a drastic animation, I just wanted my eyes to blink, the little hearts and flowers to wobble and for the typography to jiggle too. As this is only for the opening seconds of my vlog, I just wanted it to be short and sweet, turning a still illustration into a character with motion! Step by step: Separate individual parts of my drawing that I want to animate onto separate layers Draw eyes closed so that… View Post