When customers buy their products in Tetote Factory they will now be carefully wrapped up like a parcel in this delicate piece of patterned Japanese tissue paper. The tissue paper is cherry blossom pink, identical to the pink used in my logo design, to create a consistent colour scheme. By using pink tissue paper, it adds a comforting and caring touch to the packing, making the product look special and a treat to buy, really giving off the feel of a luxury brand. An illustration of a Geisha woman in traditional clothing next to a cherry blossom branch highlights heavy links to Japanese culture and follows along the same theme of modernism mixed with traditional culture and nature. Also, by using Japanese culture, this furthermore enhances the idea of luxury branding and authentic processes.

Once wrapped up in this precious tissue paper, the products will then be placed in the customised ‘bag for life’ tote bags featured above. These tote bags are reusable, long lasting and are decorated with Tetote’s logo. By printing Tetote’s imagery onto a tote bag, I have not only created a luxury packaging idea but merchandise too. Tote bags are all the range now and having such a beautifully drawn design on a bag, will encourage people to reuse them in their everyday lives which will lead to everyday advertising for this brand.





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