Food Labels

Like Christmas presents, Tetote’s food products will now have labels on strings to show what they are and how much they cost. Printed on heavy white cardstock and tied up with thick string, these labels look organic and professional. Each product will have its own individual label that will feature a quirky illustration of what it looks like framed with cherry blossoms. I think this idea brings the products to life and links them to nature: showing how they are fresh and traditionally baked. Seeing them stylised in the illustrative way that the whole brand follows, adds fluidity to the brand, but it also adds humbleness and personality to it. Having labels like this on food reminds me of the ‘drink me’ and ‘eat me’ labels in Alice in Wonderland and so this also adds a sort of fairytale feel to the brand, turning Tetote into a fantasy land where the food is magical and a delight to look at.


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