Tetote Factory doesn’t just sell baked goods, it also serves ground coffee for all of you early risers in need of a caffeine fix! Like the tote bag packaging, coffee cups can act as good advertisements¬†from people seeing them in other’s hands as they pass them in the street. Coffee cups have become a symbol of city life, if you drink coffee you’re busy, you’re working hard, you’re constantly on the move, and so it almost acts as a badge of honour if you are tightly gripping a takeaway coffee cup. Continuing with the luxury brand aesthetic, like Starbucks, I decided to go for a clean, white coffee cup, with my logo (minus the circle) printed onto the cup in black and pink ink. This simple design is effective because it catches your eye with the sharp contrast of colours and intricate details. This design is sleek, sophisticated and shows off Japanese culture in a clever way.