Conditional Design is a design method created by a group of graphic designers and educators based in the Netherlands. It is a collaborative, rule-based creative process that generates (therefore it is generative) graphic outcomes. Written as ‘games’ Conditional Design activities focus on the act of making over the final outcome, the details of which are unpredictable when play begins. The rules of a game don’t change but each time one is played the outcome is unique because of the variables or conditions in the process. In this respect, Conditional Design refects contemporary digital processes such as programming. In groups of four, we started to play some games by following a set of rules from the Conditional Design Workbook. These games were very simple and required only a large sheet of paper and some coloured pens. These are some of the pages from the book, showing the instructions. Once we played these games we were challenged to create our very own conditional design game that produced varied outcomes that could be used in further designs. Having a strong liking for illustration, I wanted to create a game that enabled people to draw scenarios at random that they wouldn’t usually think of. I wanted… View Post