“this looks too sweet, it’s making me feel a bit sick”

This is the first time I really started to feel proud of my app design because everything just seemed to be coming together and the app was beginning to look really fresh and professional. I had decided that a minimal, geometric design, with clear and clean typography was the way to go. So this is when I really started finalising my designs and where I tried to make the app more interactive and fun to use. Instead of having lots of text like a book, I began creating screens that had sliders and buttons and felt lively, not just a static design full of useless information. I mean this app is suppose to make your life easier, so should’t it reflect that in the design? I decided to go for a circular, bubbly theme because it expressed the feeling of activity and circles are enticising for your fingers to tap, so basically I created screens that were exciting and fun to use. I started mocking up app screens on InDesign, and created quite a few pages when my lecturer said the colour scheme was wrong and needed evaluating. DAMN. But to be honest, looking back I completely agree, I think his exact words were “this looks too sweet, it’s making me feel a bit sick”. HAHAHAHA ruthless, but so true. Taking all feedback on board, I then started looking for new colour schemes.


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