So far all of the artwork I have been producing for my island has been very positive, so in this task I had to explore a different point of view, focusing on the negative parts of my island. My island is portrayed as a utopian place, however, the whole concept of my island is more dystopian as humans are forced to fall in love or turned into robots if they fail at this task. I really wanted to focus on people’s rights: showing that Robotopia is turning humans into robots whether they like it or not which is illegal and morally wrong. I also wanted to show how robots are seen as more important than humans’ lives, and how the public aren’t happy with this. As part of this task we were required to screen print our posters. I started doodling in my sketchbook, trying to come up with some cool ideas for things to screen print. In one of my lectures, I was given really good feedback about my protest art which was to use a messier style for this particular task in order to show a more aggressive aesthetic. I completely agree with this because my style is usually… View Post

I used this font to create my very own typography poster that will act as propoganda art for my island. Propoganda is used to potray a certain political message, in this case I am using political art to promote Robotopia, showing it as the only way the world can survive. The poster says “THERE’S NO LIFE WITHOUT LOVE” which means you will die if you don’t find love on Robotopia, however the way it’s worded makes it seem like an inspirational quote, so it’s a dystopian theme masked behind happy typography and a colourful polygon background that I created on Illustrator.

As a part of this module I had to create a typeface that represented the personality and theme of my island. I wanted my type to come to life and so I tried to turn the letters into people, a bit like the concept of my island which turns people into robots. I started off by drawings out the letters of the alphabet in bubble writing and then turned them into 3D objects by adding in shading and perspective to the letters. I then added legs to some letters and then added arms to other letters. The letters with arms are all holding flowers as a romantic gesture which shows the utopian side of my island, which is all about the humans finding a soul mate and falling in love. I love this type, I think it’s fun, cute, playful and adds a sense of happiness to my island’s identity! I also created a font just for the word Robotopia, I wanted to create this for the front cover of my magazine as I wanted a font that incorporated word and image as one. I took each letter of the title and turned it into a robot! How cute do these… View Post

A manifesto is a public declaration of policy and aims, especially one issued before an election by a political party or candidate. I created one for Robotopia that stated exactly what my island was and how it works. The point of this manifesto was to add a powerful voice to my island, making it real and important. I wanted my manifesto to look professional and straight to the point, I also wanted it to show the utopian side of my island as well as the dystopian side. I added my logo to my manifesto to make it look like an important symbolic seal, like the wax seals used on envelopes, giving my manifesto an identity. I also added in a colourful geometric background, as well as some of my characters that drew. As you can see, the manifesto main body of text explains the fun side of Robotopia, however the smaller print at the bottom highlights the scary, dystopian parts of my island.