What is Visual Culture? Why is this such an important concept to understand? When will I need to reference this in my work? Who are some important artists, designers and theorists in this field? Where is visual culture seen in contemporary society? Seeing is believing! Visual sense is very central to how we understand the world, we understand visuals first before we understand linguistic skills and so visuals are very powerful. Visuals have the potential to portray an important message very quickly to a certain group of people easier than a text on the same topic can. Culture consists of lots of different elements: religion, tradition, etc and visual culture looks at how a certain culture responds to visual elements and also how a visual element can embody a certain culture.  For example, cups of tea, bulldogs and red post boxes are all parts of British visual culture. In contemporary society, we use technology, more than ever before – to expand our senses and to express ourselves. We are no longer limited to just what we actually see, the world of social media, photography and groundbreaking technology like virtual reality goggles has expanded our creative horizons. Visuals have never been more important that what… View Post