As a new up and coming brand that wants to appeal to a wider audience, it was crucial to create a website suitable for Tetote Factory. In this day and age, if anybody wants to know anything about you, they jump onto Google and search away. Tetote’s old website was seriously outdated, there was nothing special about it, it was simple and to the point but not in a good way, in a sort of who cares kind of way. But no more. Tetote finally has a website to be proud of! Featuring all the illustrations that link to the brand and a colour scheme to match, this website is classy, stylish and easy to navigate.

I work in an independent coffee shop in South Ealing called Munsons, just around the corner from Tetote and one of the things I love about it is the A board that stands outside the cafe, just on the corner of the street. Every day we hand draw funny pictures, inspirational quotes, and sarcastic sayings onto it and when I look out the window during my shift I see passersby stopping to photograph it or laughing to themselves all the time. It’s such a simple idea but it’s a way to interact with members of the public when they’re not in your shop. It’s something to grab their attention and to make them notice you, even if it’s just for a cool post on their Instagrams. I think an A board is a perfect idea to get people into Tetote because it’s friendly and personal, just like Tetote. I also think the signage hanging from the wall is important because not many people know about Tetote even though it has a major footfall, due to it being so close to a tube station. However, with this sleek new sign that can be seen from down the street, Tetote now has the chance to be… View Post

Deliveroo, Just Eat and Uber Eats are changing the future of food delivery services. Buying food has never been easier and now Tetote has a foot in the race, with this vintage design for their new delivery van. Having a delivery service immediately ups your stakes in the food business, because you can now sell your products to a wider market. It also makes your brand more elite due to its special service; showing that Tetote really cares about delivering excellent food and customer service. Like the tote bags and coffee cups, having a delivery van also acts as advertising for Tetote as people may see the branding when the van drives past them in the street. When I was deciding on which van Tetote was going to have I was adamant that it was going to be a vintage looking van. I think there’s nothing more quirky and eye catching than a stylish van covered in art. I stuck to the colour scheme and went for a white van with black and pink designs, the design looks really cool on the side of the van and I particularly like how the mountains cuddle the back wheel.

This brand isn’t a corporate brand – this is a homely and modern brand that is embracing luxury design and incorporating it with organic, youthful concepts. Which is why Tetote will no longer have strict and boring uniforms. Instead, employees will be provided with these new white t-shirt designs featuring a traditional Geisha illustration, the brand’s name in Tetote’s signature typography and a curl of cherry blossoms. White t-shirts are comfy, casual and smart – they are the perfect blend. This is a youthful brand now and we want the employees to feel happy, comfortable and stylish at work. These t-shirts are eye-catching, they aren’t your typical uniform that you’re embarrassed to be seen in, instead, these airy tops will make the employees look cool, professional and approachable when they are serving these luxury, hand-made products.

Like Christmas presents, Tetote’s food products will now have labels on strings to show what they are and how much they cost. Printed on heavy white cardstock and tied up with thick string, these labels look organic and professional. Each product will have its own individual label that will feature a quirky illustration of what it looks like framed with cherry blossoms. I think this idea brings the products to life and links them to nature: showing how they are fresh and traditionally baked. Seeing them stylised in the illustrative way that the whole brand follows, adds fluidity to the brand, but it also adds humbleness and personality to it. Having labels like this on food reminds me of the ‘drink me’ and ‘eat me’ labels in Alice in Wonderland and so this also adds a sort of fairytale feel to the brand, turning Tetote into a fantasy land where the food is magical and a delight to look at.