I wanted my pitch to be so professional and sleek, so I decided to write a speech and then made the other people in my group learn their lines so that we looked polished. I suffer with nerves really badly so I thought the best way to overcome them was to practise my pitch as much as possible. Below is my pitch: Let me tell you about Monique, Elise and Tyler. Monique is a 25 year old working professional, she works 5 days a week and often only has time to do a food shop on the weekends. When she gets home in the evenings she’s often too tired to put effort into her meal. Elise is a 19 year old student, she lives on a budget, and can find herself searching her cupboards for something to eat after a full day of studying. She’s all too familiar with a takeaway. Tyler is a 30 year old stay at home dad, he cooks for his three children everyday and likes to try out new recipes with his children so that they learn skills and don’t get bored with the same go to meals. These three people are very different, but… View Post

As you can see below, this is the final app design for Look Cook. We are all really proud of it’s professional and fresh design. A lot of handwork, trial and error, and research went into making this final product. We opted for a simplistic circular design in order to make our app look inviting, playful and interactive. The bright, youthful color scheme projects life into our app and makes the user experience seem more accessible, pleasing to use and great to look at. Please click on this link to see the app in motion, created using a prototype tool that was really interesting to play with – app prototype

This is the first time I really started to feel proud of my app design because everything just seemed to be coming together and the app was beginning to look really fresh and professional. I had decided that a minimal, geometric design, with clear and clean typography was the way to go. So this is when I really started finalising my designs and where I tried to make the app more interactive and fun to use. Instead of having lots of text like a book, I began creating screens that had sliders and buttons and felt lively, not just a static design full of useless information. I mean this app is suppose to make your life easier, so should’t it reflect that in the design? I decided to go for a circular, bubbly theme because it expressed the feeling of activity and circles are enticising for your fingers to tap, so basically I created screens that were exciting and fun to use. I started mocking up app screens on InDesign, and created quite a few pages when my lecturer said the colour scheme was wrong and needed evaluating. DAMN. But to be honest, looking back I completely agree, I think… View Post

Our client is the BBC, and they want my team and I, to boost monthly subscriptions for their Good Food magazine by incorporating digital interaction into their product, in order to enhance, and expand upon, their consumer’s experiences. So what exactly is BBC Good Food? Well, it is a magazine that is packed full of recipes, cooking tips, and articles that any foodie would love. The magazine comes out every month and has fresh new content and holiday specials. That’s not all though, BBC Good Food has an impressive website that provides practically the same content as their magazine, completely free of charge. So why would you need to subscribe? Basically, the magazine provides you with 70 brand new recipes, each month, that aren’t available online and you also get to read some pretty cool articles. Yes, that sounds good but there still isn’t much of a selling point here. I mean, there needs to be something more exciting and unique to draw you in, something so exclusive and special that you feel you need it immediately. Wouldn’t it be nice if you got a ground-breaking handy little app if you subscribed? Drumroll please…LOOK COOK is here to save the… View Post

Okay, this was a first attempt okay please don’t judge me too hard. Let me try and explain what I was thinking when I made this design… After looking at countless food apps, I noticed that a lot of them focused on food photography pretty heavily. They also used serif type, I guess it makes the app look more ‘sophisticated’ so I decided to do this too. I made a home screen that used a bright yellow colour scheme to attract young audiences and used cute little icons for the scanner…I thought this was the look that would look awesome, but in hind sight it looks bloody awful, and this is a prime example of why you shouldn’t follow the crowd because you will create something as terrifying as this. When Ben first looked at this design he said absolutely nothing nice about it haha so this really knocked some sense into me, I had to think like a designer and not some normal person with no taste whatsoever. So back to the drawing board I went, racking my brain for a new creative direction. After what seemed like years of scrolling through Pinterest, feeling sorry for myself, something clicked… View Post