It’s the start of my final year at university, super scary, but I’m so excited to jump straight back in. Part of this year, especially this semester, is all about being experimental and thinking outside of the box. This is an example of a previous, third-year student’s body of work for this module: My first task for my new module called Experimental Communication was to create a 3D letter using a scalpel, white card, and super glue. I started this during my lecture and for some bizarre reason, I couldn’t do it. This was so frustrating because it was such a simple thing to do but my hands and my brain just weren’t processing it. I was sticking things in the wrong places, spending ages trying to visualize the structure in my head, and just getting myself confused. I’m someone who likes a challenge though so I finished my lower case ‘l’ and decided to pick a harder letter to try and master. I ran to the Pound Shop, bought all my equipment, blasted some Oasis at the comfort of my own desk and started to create a trickier lower case ‘p’. The amount of superglue on my fingers totaled… View Post