Visual research is the organisation, presentation, and design of information. I am learning to use mapping, data, and information design as a route to visually communicate a message. I have been asked to develop a visual language that could lead to useful and attractive designs. My challenge was to wander around my university researching anything food and drink related that could develop into an interesting infographic design. This was very vague and so I really needed to use my imagination, stretching ideas until I came upon an idea that was unique and interesting. I decided to focus on the cheapest location in university to use a contactless card because there’s nothing worse than trying to buy a coffee and having to buy some unwanted Doritos just to reach the minimum spend is there? There are five key places in university and strangely enough, they all have different minimum spends on cards, so I made notes of the facts and then headed back to class to brainstorm some design ideas. Infographics come in all shapes and sizes, some infographics are interactive and show you information through a sort of game -these are called flow charts. They start off with a feature question… View Post