For my final task, I was asked to write my own brief that showed the experimental and playful nature of the module. It was vital that my project was experimental and I had to justify my reasoning behind this. So what have I learned throughout this module? When I destroyed my letter I saw that the process of making something is just as fun as the end result. Making 3D letter combinations showed me that creating them physically would have been so much more authentic. Creating my lampshade made me realise that Graphic Design is broad and I shouldn’t restrict myself to printed media. Processing showed me that it’s vital for me to learn new skills. Projection team-work inspired me to expand my creative outputs so that I create new and exciting art pieces. I want to use all of my new found knowledge and skills to create a piece of stitch typography that embodies what Experimental Communication means to me. Just like LoSiento, I want to experiment with an unusual process of making typography, I want to really dig deeper and test myself by creating something completely out of my comfort zone and experimental. Once I decided that I… View Post